Research & Development

Our research and development team of formulators, scientists, partners, and regulatory associates support every step of the way in the invaluable process of new product development.

Focus on Applicable Research

Through our own resources and network we gain access to the latest research and highest quality products that can serve international markets and regions with tailored solutions.

Our experience in collecting data, designing, manufacturing, and marketing premium products has distinguished us as an invaluable European resource to selected worldwide channel partners.

We have a capable production capability of multiple product core lines, while taking into consideration the strict regulatory environment of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products.

We are always looking to incorporate legacy and new products into localized markets and offer value-added over the highly competitive pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry.

“We are committed to presenting evidence of studies that support health claims of efficacy based on the formulation and the purest source of ingredients in the formulations.”

Head of R&D – Mevian Medicare

Focus on High Quality

Our research focuses on guaranteeing the highest safety profile, in conjunction with clinical examination of their effects on human health. Furthermore, Mevian’s ethical practices are in line and support independent medical research, whilst collaborating with the most prestigious Universities and Research Facilities and Institutes worldwide. Our mission is to constantly collect and remain updated on the proven evidence and references presented on each and every product line.

Focus on Solid Results

Product data sets are continually monitored to further investigate and analyze experimental and applicable evidence. We are committed to presenting evidence of these studies that support the relevant health claims of efficacy based on the formulation and the purest source of ingredients in the formulations. In fact, all Mevian products are supported by clinical trial studies that have been derived from a profound knowledge of all ingredient’s characteristics and medical mechanisms of action.

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